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Welcome to the Visionary Solutions family of cooperative souls. 

It is our greatest opportunity at this time to remember mastery of life energy so that our current major changes serve their evolutionary purpose. We are moving forward at this precious time in human history with faith, clarity, and a sense of loving cooperation. We are stepping up to the plate to serve our life purpose of Spirit inspired education and healing. Healing toward Wholeness, we fully support the natural transitions taking place today. Visionary Solutions provides classes, events, programs, and other spiritual services that are opportunities for enlightenment and empowerment. We assist people to activate their soul potential. Together we are regaining our mastery. Come join us!

We are all inspired to use our intuitive creative genius to bring our highest values and most noble qualities into full expression.


This mastery of consciousness is key to our next step--it is both immanent and imperative.



You are invited to cooperate in Spirit...


Visioning for Success

Using focused group imagination to create real experiences.

with Michelle Marie Engel

today's intention:


"I intent to discern profit motivation from love motivation

in all my dealings

and make wise choices accordingly."




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The ANSWER to:

" What is Awakened Awareness?"


with Michelle Marie Engel

President & Founder, Visionary Solutions




Visionary Solutions is comprised of paradigm pioneers who serve receptive souls poised to transform identity and awareness to reach advanced and freer states of being. We are open to networking, cooperation, and sharing resources using our non-profit status. Each person has a unique purpose--a special gift to give to the world.  Wherever you are on your journey, we will be happy to assist you. This is a grand opportunity to master life and learn new ways of being that enable you to experience synchronicities, blessings, miracles, and new opportunities...a fresh start and a new world of ease and grace.




Visionary Solutions Eternal Life Network Visit our Contact page to see how you may unite in spirit and cooperate to serve in the awakening of a higher vibration of consciousness on our planet. Transformation is taking place now at a rapid pace. Enjoy the process!


It’s time to look at the bigger picture in life.  Why are we here, living a life as a human being?  We are here to evolve our souls, to develop our intelligence, to purify our love.


Instead of getting caught up into the details of the moment, take time to stop.  Be still and quiet.  Contemplate the purpose of life, then the purpose of specific world and life circumstances.


Become a neutral observer with a higher perspective.  Consider the multitudes of lives over eons of time.  We come and we go, don’t we?


Wise men, saints, and sages of all time have been pointing out to us that life is eternal.  We don’t really die when this lifetime ends.  Jesus demonstrated resurrection of the spirit, but we don’t have to “die,” or leave our body, to resurrect our spirit.


An upliftment can occur when we change from sadness to cheerfulness, from depression to inspiration, from fear to love.  We can do this consciously by tapping into our inner resources; we can tune in to God in our hearts.


Perhaps we forgot this essential connection.  Perhaps that’s why we have certain experiences and circumstances—to wake us up and remind us of the Truth that sets us free.


Visionary Solutions exists and operates to aid in personal and global awakening.  We are here to guide people through difficult times, to lead each one to find their unique potential and purpose, and to live a life of joy and peace—regardless of outer circumstances.  In addition, through adjustments to perspectives and perceptions, Visionary Solutions can help you to modify the quantum field to arrange more desirable life circumstances while evolving consciously.


We offer classes, programs, events, group consciousness program, and other educational experiences that transform lives from desperation, confusion, uncertainty, or feeling lost to empowered lives that are focused on their soul’s purpose, alive with joy, grounded in peace, and united in love. 


Personal transformation programs are designed for teens, young adults, and maturing adults.  There are educational opportunities for any age and any stage of personal development.


Please explore our website and see what we have to offer.  View our Programs and find what will most benefit you.  Be sure to share your findings with others who may be in need of assistance, or who are receptive to conscious evolution. 


Blessings of love to you!

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