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At Visionary Solutions we are forming a cooperative of consciousness educators and healers and networking with other cooperative groups and networks to provide a strong support system to aid humanity in its imminent awakening.  We are called to adopt a higher perspective and conscious realization of the fundamental workings of Life.  We aim to help individuals overcome the trials of our current times, and then to find a new way of life filled with meaning and purpose.

Visionary Solutions delivers consciousness shifting educational experiences, health education and healing experiences, youth education and leadership training, trainer training, online classes, personal transformation workshops, coaching, speakers, teen awareness events, group consciousness and visioning support groups, cooperation and networking for people in the consciousness movement—including resource sharing for those who join the Visionary Solutions team, workshop cooperative functions, and community events.

We invite you to attend some FREE introductory events to sample the quality and impact of our services.  If you feel benefited by our work, you can schedule an event at your workplace, church, or in your community.  We will co-create a learning or healing event or seminar that is focused on the audience that you have chosen.


Our Mission:


Our mission is to serve our life’s purpose of raising consciousness through education and healing, each in our own God inspired way. We will follow Divine guidance to serve humanity by providing life affirming knowledge and experiences that radically shifts consciousness.  We intend to enable each person to adjust to a new experience of Reality as a conscious creator. 


Our Vision:


We envision a higher quality of life on our planet.  Life becomes easy and joyful as perfect harmony is achieved.  Ultimate fulfillment is reached through advanced perception and conscious creation with goodwill toward all.  The vision embraces the energy of Divine love, a return to our natural state of harmony in an environment where freedom reigns and there is peace and prosperity for all.  Solutions are available now to make this vision a reality.


Board of Directors



PRESIDENT -- Michelle Marie Engel

Michelle Engel
Michelle Engel


Michelle Marie Engel is the president and founder of Visionary Solutions.  Her passion has always been about people treating others fairly and kindly and reaching maximum personal potential.  In her quest to understand our world and how people operate, she was led on a spiritual journey that her every common life experience was subjugated to.  While overcoming many life challenges, Michelle became a public school educator, personal transformation and group visioning guide, a corporate trainer, and an author. 


Michelle believes that credibility has more to do with integrity than educational or material accomplishments.  However, on the road to transforming to optimum integrity, Michelle has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and has earned endorsements that qualify her as a K – 12 public school educator.  In addition, Michelle earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science Education. She also became certified as a Career and Technical Educator in the State of Oregon.


Michelle has an ongoing endeavor to create publications, products, and programs that increase spiritual advancement.  She is the author of "It’s A New World After All: Poetry and Prose to Inspire a New World Vision", and "Clothing of the Soul".


Michelle has realized her life purpose is to understand and help others through her gifts from God.  She is dedicated to the work provided through Visionary Solutions.  Read Michelle’s story to learn more about her passion.


Michelle lives in Ashland, OR. While transforming her teaching career, Michelle is working to develop and launch Visionary Solutions, the Chamber of Commons, WebSpirit Community, and Econet Hub. Michelle's passion for Truth is guiding her path to discover, live, and share the Wisdom required for humanity's evolution.

TREASURER -- Joan Michaels

Joan Michaels


Joan Michaels is the treasurer of Visionary Solutions.  Joan is a published author of the book, Tantric Spirit, Living the Path of Tantra. www.tantricspirit.com 


Much to her surprise, she received a message to teach Tantra. While setting up and facilitating workshops throughout California, she discovered that the path of Tantra is one of conscious living, the path of total life involvement.  It’s all about energy and becoming aware of the energy in every single moment.


Earlier, Joan ran a self-growth business in the San Francisco Bay area, leading workshops and acting as a consultant. She is excited to share her experiences of how to live a spiritual life in the world, creating peace in your life instead of chaos.


Joan presently lives in Ashland, OR. She is involved working with Visionary Solutions, the Chamber of Commons, WebSpirit Community, and Econet Hub. She is weaving Divine truth into a unique fabric of graceful expression.


Anyas Spencer


SECRETARY -- Anyas Spencer

Anyas was born and raised in France. Her life journey took her to Oregon, via Germany, New York, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia , and Alaska. Her spiritual journey took her from Catholicism to Unification Church, to exposure to Islam, to the revelation of the Urantia Book and the spiritual teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.


Anyas is very interested in energy work and has been practicing Tai Chi for the last 17 years and is a Reiki practicionner. Anyas looks for truth wherever it resonates with her.


Two and a half years ago, Anyas was inspired to initiate a SOUL Circle -- Sisterhood Of Unconditional Love -- in Fairbanks, Alaska. The intention of this Circle was to bring together women from all paths of life to share their spirituality based on what they know to be true through the validation of their personal experience, setting aside any divisive beliefs or dogmas. At this time, Anyas wishes that the SOUL Circle ripples in many more as she firmly believes that women have the power to shift the world consciousness and that Stillness practice is an important part of this shift.


Anyas currently lives in Ashland with her husband, Jim Spencer. They have recently opened up a health and nutrition gift shop, Heartsong Nutrition. It is located in the Market of Choice shopping center.


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