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Visionary Solutions

Eternal Life Network

Anyone can join the Eternal Life Network of Visionary Solutions. There is no payment required—only a commitment to higher values and principles. Individuals, organizations, groups, companies, churches, businesses, clubs, or cooperative communities can join.


There are no obligations. You do not have to DO anything. It’s about BEING.


Merging with the Eternal Life Network at Visionary Solutions simply means that you are dedicated and committed to being your best. It is a resolution to be unified with like-minded souls in Spirit. This unification electrifies potentials of cooperation, strength of character, integration of high vibrational energy, creativity, purposeful living, inner peace, and harmonious balance.


Alignment with the foundational values and principles of the Eternal Life Network elevates and expands levels of awareness, integrity, and perception. This alignment activates inherent capabilities and understandings. It acknowledges that we are family.


You can sign up, set an intention in your heart, or create affirmations around these values and principles that pertain to Whole Self-awareness, or Zero Point Consciousness.


The central values are the virtues of the soul. They include: humility, truth, integrity, unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and service.


The primary principles are: Surrendering to God’s will, maintaining a state of perpetual gratitude for what IS, expressing appreciation, seeing deeper and acknowledging the essence of Being in each one, being solution-focused, responsiveness to truth, development of inner technologies, authentic communication, maintaining the highest ethical standards, listening attentively, cooperation and team building, celebration of accomplishments and advances of goals and aspirations, walking the talk and leading by example, promotion of a culture of mutual respect and honoring of diversity, continuous improvement and personal growth, sharing tools or techniques and ideas, trading skills and resources, community building, and global equality.


There is a Universal call for Unity Consciousness. You can make a statement that you are on board. You have an opportunity to answer the call. Just say: “Yes!”


You can choose to:

· Be an anonymous member

· Be named on the website list with option to share your website link or contact information (under development)

· Join the Visionary Solutions mailing list (under development)

· Create local gatherings or community groups

· Unify your group by communicating these foundational values and principles




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