Open to New Perspectives…You Will See the Light!!


Every Experience is Valid


Every experience is valid.  It has a purpose.  We truly must learn to accept experiences without judging ourselves and others.


Every experience is valid.  We are learning about life and how life works.  When a teacher teaches a concept, one method is to demonstrate what it is as well as what it isn’t.  Life does that.


Every experience is valid.  When we take a neutral observer perspective and look for the purpose, or the lesson, we transcend our circumstances and turn the lead, or heaviness, of the experience into the gold of wisdom.


Every experience is valid.  You are perfect just as you are.  There are no victims.  There are only creators.  Those who distort perceptions or expressions are not villains; they are only creating according to their level of consciousness that they have obtained.  Even they, by virtue of the order of the universe, are serving God’s cause.


Every experience is valid.  If we want to see goodness, we can turn our attention and face the light.  Our inner light is the light of God within us.  It’s a good place to start.  It takes a conscious effort to focus our attention within.  It is very powerful.  It is our guiding light that validates and transforms every experience with Divine Love, and simultaneously our natural essence is perceived.


As we awaken to the realization of our True Selves, we blossom.  Our latent gifts, powers, and talents emerge.  As we witness the falling away of the structures of the old paradigm, we know that we are part of the emergence of a renaissance of consciousness—a global consciousness that transforms the world according to God’s Divine Plan.  This is our time of bringing peace and harmony to our world.  We are creating the environment that will allow us to express our full Divine potential.  Our innate creativity can explode with joy as we express from our soul that is merged with Spirit.


This is our time to do what we came here to do.  Do you feel your heart stirring?  Listen within to its message.  It’s just for you.


It’s Already Here


If you’re looking for anything there’s no reason to fear
Look inside, you’ll see that it’s already here
Believe it or not the truth of your being
Is making up everything that you’re seeing
Whatever it is you wish to have or give
With love and vision it’s what you can live
What about love, the special person for me?
Inside there is love, just let it be
Let it blossom as you express who you are
Your love will attract them, you won’t have to go far
What about material things that I need?
Look inside and plant the seed
Feel the feeling, picture that you have it
It will come right to you—reach out and grab it
Trust God in your heart to supply every need
There’s plenty for all, no reason for greed
Feel your abundance, be of good cheer
Express deep gratitude that it’s already here


Excerpt from “It’s A New World After All”

by Michelle Engel


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