Visionary Solutions Programs


Life Purpose & Next Step Clarity

Get clear on your Life Purpose in present time and the next steps you are guided to take.

With Michelle Engel


This workshop provides guidance and activities that help you renew your sense of being, why you are here, and what Spirit is guiding you to do next. Identify or recommit to your life's purpose. Get more details, perceive connections, look at synchronicities, be ready to create and seize opportunities, and live a miracle life of meaning.

DreamWriting in the Spirit of Gratitude

Get your genius going by combining the high vibration of gratitude with a creative flow through writing.

With Michelle Engel


This workshop empowers you to put your genius to work and open the flow of innovative ideas and creativity. Learn the physics behind the process. Know that you are creating with your consciousness. Prove by your created life circumstances, solutions, and opportunities that you are powerful by nature. This is more about freewriting than specific writing skills. Understand the great impact of gratitude and appreciation in your life and how it affects your creations. Fun and impactful!

Conscious Life Management

Learn how to live consciously from the inside out.

With Michelle Engel


This weekend workshop involves comprehensive personal transformation; attunement, holistic lifestyle, assessment, and conscious intentions; principles of harmonious living; and conscious creation principles.  Discover your Life Purpose.  Identify or hone your life’s mission.  Create a detailed life vision.  Get support from like-minded friends.  Let go of misery and victimhood and make your life the way you want it.  Feel fully supported as you fulfill the desires of your soul merged with Spirit.  Discover your True Self.  Know freedom.

Rock My World

Teen Awareness Support Group

A four week class with Michelle Engel


Join a group of middle school or high school peers to explore deeper self-awareness and deeper relationships, learn communication skills, interpret energy to discern messages of Truth, learn why and how to build good character, let go of superficial friendships and build mutually caring and beneficial relationships with peers with similar values.

Come Home to Your Heart

A Multi-Media, Multi-Sensory Group Healing Event

Featuring stories, poems, and interactive group dialogue with Michelle Engel


Have fun and be entertained while past emotional wounds are magically transformed.  Enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of selected Stories for Awakened Awareness, help heal the world, and feel lighter when you leave.  A great place to make or connect with friends.

Belief Barbecue

Belief Transformation Workshop

With Michelle Engel


Eradicate limitations from old belief systems that occur while manifesting your true intentions and desires.  Use muscle testing to determine beliefs that you may not be aware of that are hiding in your subconscious mind.  Choose your beliefs consciously as you tune in to Truth and know how to discern Truth from its opposite.  This work is very powerful—be ready for a major life change!

Stories for Awakened Awareness

Truth awakening stories in large presentation format

By Michelle Engel


By bringing Truth to Light in lighthearted Stories for Awakened Awareness, Michelle helps you to activate and strengthen the Truth sensor in your heart.  With a shared group intention, we can also help to change the mass consciousness toward a more loving and harmonious world based on Integrity.  This even will help to shift consciousness to a new level of awareness.  Anchor in what you have learned; share your Light with the world.  Have some fun with like-minded individuals!

Consciousness Creates!

Use your consciousness fused with others for powerful conscious creation!

With Michelle Engel


This event offers a unique integrative structure of how we create with our consciousness.  With a brief overview of this model, and then an experiential application, you will feel the power of your creative nature—amplified with a group consciousness synergy using a formula that has had amazing reliable results.   If you are tuned in to Spirit, come join this group of conscious creators who desire to serve humanity by joining in consciousness for world service.

Conscious Creation from the Soul

Become empowered through conscious personal life energy management.

With Michelle Engel


Learn how to elicit Divine guidance, tune into your soul and attune with Spirit, get clarity on your Life Purpose and soul goals, identify your passion, talents, skills, your connection to ancient wisdom and universal intelligence, and your God-given gifts.  Get clarity on your next step on your journey in life.  Connect with others.  Feel the joy of creating from the essence of your soul!

Om Circle for World Peace & Enlightenment

Be a Positive Participant in the change that is coming

With Joan Michaels


OM is said to be the highest and purest vibration of sound. When this sacred sound is used with intention and purpose, its pure vibration has the power to create and manifest on the earth. When used together by a group of people with loving hearts that want to give their time for creating peace, it becomes a dynamic tool, and it’s a fun experience. We will use the sound and vibration of the OM to help bring Peace and Enlightenment on Earth. We will use the potency of Group Consciousness with One Focus to create change. It is a powerful way to make a difference.

One-on-One Consultations

Live Life Consciously

With Joan Michaels


Learn how to create clarity and harmony in your space and life. Learn easy methods and techniques to clear your space so that you can become conscious of the energy of the moment. There is an Energy that is the cohesive force that links us all together. Learn how to clear blocks that allow this Energy to flow freely.

Individual Consciousness Coaching

Empowering individuals with purpose and consciousness technologies.

With Michelle Engel


Understand how to use your personal life energy powerfully and efficiently according to your Life Purpose. Be attuned, aligned, integrated, and balanced. Start from where you are and accelerate rapidly toward Divine Success. Adjustable fees. Trades accepted.

If any of these programs appeal to you, check out our calendar and sign up for a class.  If you do not see the program of your choice on our calendar, Contact Us, and we will inform you of the next available date or co-create one with you!




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