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Visionary Solutions is dedicated to providing a deeper, more holistic education to youth and transforming adults.  The programs and events are designed to inspire and empower each individual participant to find their Greater Self and express their highest potential.  Practical implementation of step-by-step guidelines and will ensure individuals a successful life on every level. 

My life’s mission is to provide and transform the service of education.  I’ve been planning, writing books, developing and providing workshops, events, classes, and programs for over twenty years now.

One of my favorite experiences as a workshop facilitator was when I was working for Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God, at a Conscious Commerce seminar in Miami, Florida.  There were 12 participants, one guy operating the sound equipment, and myself as facilitator present in the large hotel meeting room.

We began with silent inner experiences, asking within such questions as: “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?”  There were eight training modules that we covered in 2 days: one long day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and one full day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  We started out with this inner individual focus and we expanded to environmental awareness education.

During our activities of discovering our unique life missions and personal life visions, as well as discussing other deeply meaningful topics, we bonded.  There was a group synergy so strong you could feel it.  It manifested itself most evidently when there were breaks.  During the two-hour lunch break on the first day, everyone went to the same place to eat—completely spontaneously and voluntarily.  The same thing happened at dinner, and on the second day, we all went to the same place at lunch.  These meal times were free time for the participants, but they were so jazzed, each and every one chose to stay with the group.  The bonding was at once electric with ideas sparking, and magnetic with passion flowing.

In the end, we did group visioning for one single intention at a time.  We focused our group attention on individual intentions, and then on global solutions. The attendees were inspired.  It was clear that they had each changed in some deeply profound way.  The feedback was glowing. 

The implementation of the educational mission at Visionary Solutions involves many, many people.  It involves people who are already doing their life’s work without pay.  It involves teens and youth that display leadership qualities.  It involves uniting those with humanitarian hearts to share resources and cooperate to make our world a better place through education.  It involves creating employment for youth leaders and displaced adults.  The facilitators at Visionary Solutions will provide profoundly effective educational experiences for all who are ready and willing to step up to the plate in these times of great challenges and opportunities.

Here is the premise for this type of education: If we can learn to tap into our inner resources and live a life of meaning and purpose with accelerated perception and intelligence, we are assured through universal order that our physical needs of food, shelter, and clothing will be provided as well.

I see the youth as our teachers.  I will implement youth leadership programs in train-the-trainer fashion so that we can reach out and exponentially affect the greater community and our society as a whole.  The first program that I developed and implemented for teens, “Rock My World,” is a four part program focusing on authenticity, truthful communication, recognizing and using intuitive perception, and character building. 

Currently, I teach high school.  I’m doing what I can to fulfill my life’s mission right now, right where I’m at.  My dream is one day to focus all of my energies on developing and implementing more individual and holistic education for youth and employ them to aid transforming adults.  In addition, I intend to use the synergy of group consciousness that taps into our inner genius to find and focus on solutions that work.      

Right now we are undergoing radical life changes.  There is a reason.  We must do what we came here to do.  There is no time for complacency.  This is the time we were called for.  Many people need guidance and direction to adjust to a world where many long-held traditional structures are dissolving right before our eyes. 

What grounds us and awakens our awareness is discovering who we truly are and why we are here.   As you can clearly see by the news, societal changes, global effects, and the lives that you know personally that have been affected, we truly need to learn how to adjust and stay grounded.  To some, it feels like the great rug of life has been pulled out from under them.  It seems their very survival is threatened.

It is my goal to develop Visionary Solutions, a non-profit educational organization to address the needs of our times.  The approach to the organizational structure is organic.  The teachers that know what they are here to do will do it through Visionary Solutions.  In other words, they are not told what to teach, they have already developed their own classes according to their personal life mission and vision.

This much needed educational service will provide inspiration, upliftment, and guidance to many on their path in life.  In our times of great economic turmoil and changing lives, it is urgent to provide learning experiences that help ground people, especially our youth, in True Self understanding to give their lives purpose, meaning, and direction.  This is our greatest hope for the future.

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